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K. P. B. Hinduja College of Commerce

NAAC Re-accredited with 'A+' grade, CGPA:3.59

ACADEMIC CALENDAR 2018-19 (Self Finance College)

June '2018
Date Day Particulars
18 Monday 18 June -23 June International Yoga Week (NSS)/First Semester of Academic Year Begins
30 Saturday Guest lecture- Awareness Session on how to use the Right to Information Act (BMM)
July '2018
Date Day Particulars
3 Tuesday Tree Plantation/Vanmahotsav week (NSS)
4 Wednesday World Population day (NSS)
7 Saturday Debate Competition- Devaluation, Cryptocurrency, Automation in Finance (BFM)
11 Wednesday 'Add on courses'' orientation (All courses)
13 Friday International Literacy week (NSS)
14 Saturday Guest lecture - Topic-Crime Reporting (BMM)
17 Tuesday Student's Council and Cultural Committee-Enrollment Drive
18 Wednesday University Foundation Day (NSS)
19 Thursday Session - Introduction of "Pop-up App" (BSCIT)/Bank Nationalisation day (BBI)
21 Saturday Guest Lecture- Media's Coverage of Corporate Frauds (BMM)
23 Monday Placement Drive by L&T Infotech (TYBSCIT)/Planning Session for Programme Officer (NSS)
24 Tuesday Orientation Program for Fys (All courses)
25 Wednesday Mock Trading Session (BMS)
27 Friday Guest lecture - Impact of Brexit on Global Economy (BFM & BMS)/27th July-30 July Fintegic Club (BFM)
28 Saturday Film Screening-Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (BMM)/ Guest lecture-Personality Development and Confidence Building (BMS)/
31 Tuesday Jingle Presentation Cmpetition (TYBAF)
August '2018
Date Day
1 Wednesday Aug 1-Aug 15 NSS Enrollment Drive /Guest Lecture - Resume Making (BBI)
3 Friday Guest Lecture -Transport Laws (BTM)
4 Saturday Film Screening-Door to Door (BMS)
6 Monday Friendship Day Celebration (PANAAH)
7 Tuesday Visit to BSE (BIM)/Campaign against Nuclear Weapon Day(NSS)/Friendship Day Celebration-Gymkhana
8 Wednesday Inauguration Ceremony (Women Development Cell)
11 Saturday Quiz Competition Sultan e Finance (BFM)/Guest Lecture-Selling & Negotiation Skills for Marketing (BMS)
12 Sunday RCHC-Matheran Hike
13 Monday One day workshop- Stitchless Bag making with Painting (Alumni Association)/Poster Making competition- Income Tax (BBI)/Quiz-Financial Market Operations (BAF)
14 Tuesday Session-Career Guidance(BAF)/ Book Exhibition-College Library
15 Wednesday PANAAH-Freedom of Kindness/Independence Day Celebration(Student Council/Cultural Committee/NCC/NSS/Alumni Association)
16 Thursday Student Council and Cultural Committee-Interviews/RCHC-Professional Development
18 Saturday Workshop-Changes in Marketing & Advertising Industry(BMM)
20 Monday Rally - Road Safety (BTM)/Sadbhavna Divas (NSS)
21 Tuesday Exclusive Intercollegiate Workshop-Entrepreneurship Training & Skills Enhancement with IIT Mumbai (BMS)
22 Wednesday Pancard Drive (DLLE)
23 Thursday Workshop-Digital Marketing by NIIT (BMS)
24 Friday I-Club (BIM)/RCHC-The Installation Ceremony/Entrepreneurship Day Celebration in association with MIDAS (BMS)/Free Mega Medical Camp for Teaching & Non-teaching staff (Alumni Association)
25 Saturday Workshop-Python with Data Structure (BSCIT)/NSS Orientation
27 Monday DLLE-Enrollment Drive
28 Tuesday 28th to 30th Internal Test for SYs & TYs
September '2018
Date Day Particulars
1 Saturday Student Council & Cultural Committee Meeting/Session-Digital Marketing of Financial Products (BAF)
4 Tuesday Road Safety Event (DLLE)
5 Wednesday Teachers Day Celebration(SC & CC)/DLLE-Registration
7 Friday Intercollegiate Carrom Tournament (Gymkhana)
8 Saturday Film Screening -Salaam Bombay (BMM)/International Literacy Day (NSS)
11 Tuesday Poster Making Competition-Blodd Donation (NSS)
12 Wednesday Workshop - IoT (BSCIT)
13 Thursday 13th to 18th Mid term Break
18 Tuesday Gender Sensitization Lecture (NSS)
19 Wednesday Visit -NSE (BBI)
24 Monday Beach Cleaning Drive(DLLE/RCHC/NSS/PANAAH)/NSS Day Celebration
25 Tuesday 24th Sept-Oct 2 (NSS Week)
26 Wednesday Blood Donation Camp (NSS)
27 Thursday Dare to Care - Students Council
28 Friday Session -Mock Trading (BMS/BBI/BFM)/Presentation Club-Intercollegiate Activity-Eliminations (BMS)
29 Saturday Presentation Club-Intercollegiate Activity-Finals (BMS)
October '2018
Date Day Particulars
1 Monday National Blood Donation day (NSS)
2 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti (NSS)
4 Thursday Guest Lecture -Financial Literacy & Recent trends (BFM)
5 Friday Guest Lecture for Non-teaching Staff-Financial & Tax Planning (BIM)/Movie screening-Untouched India (BAF)
6 Saturday Workshop-IFRS (BBI)/Session-Accounting & Reporting in Globalised Corporates (BAF)
8 Monday Lecture-Waste Management (NSS)
13 Saturday Guest Lecture -Ethical Hacking (BBI)
15 Monday Analogue Fun Activity (BTM)/White Card Day (NSS)/OCULUS (RCHC)
16 Tuesday World Food day (NSS)/OCULUS (RCHC)
18 Thursday Oct 18 - Oct 26 NSS Camp
20 Saturday National Conference on Contemorary challenges before women studies in association with ICSSR
21 Sunday Voter Registration drive (NSS)
22 Monday Guest Lecture -Corporate Accounting (BFM)
25 Thursday Sem end Examination - Sem III/Practical Examination (TYBSCIT)
27 Saturday Guest Lecture- Contemporary Issues in Foundation Course (BFM)
28 Sunday Film Screening- Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (BMS)
31 Wednesday Rally for Unity (DLLE)/Savings Day (NSS)
November '2018
Date Day Particulars
1 Thursday Anti-Poverty Day (NSS)
3 Saturday Guest Lecture-An Overview on Indian Constitution (BMS & BAF)
5 Monday First Semester of the academic year ends
6 Tuesday 6th Nov-25th Nov Diwali Vacation
8 Thursday National Day for the Mentally Retarded (NSS)
14 Wednesday Children's Day (NSS)
18 Sunday Walkathon (RCHC)
19 Monday National Integration Day (NSS)
25 Sunday Race for Humanity (RCHC)
27 Tuesday Beg Borrow Steal (RCHC)
28 Wednesday First Official CL Meet-PANAAH/RCHC- Clean Hands
29 Thursday RCHC-PubG Battle
30 Friday MUN Training Session (RCHC)
December '2018
Date Day Particulars
2 Sunday 2nd Dec-8th Dec RCHC'ite of the year
3 Monday Aids Awareness Week/International Day of Disable Person (NSS)
5 Wednesday 7 Days NSS Camp
8 Saturday Annual Athletic Meet / 8th Dec -20th Dec Sports week
10 Monday Human Rights Day (NSS)
12 Wednesday PFC-PANAAH
15 Saturday Visit to ISME- Bootcamp (BAF)
17 Monday Inauguration- Marathi Vangmay Mandal/ 17th Dec-22th Dec Students week (Student Council)
18 Tuesday Ted X Adventure/ Rotaract Premier League
19 Wednesday Film Screening-Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro - BMM
25 Tuesday 25th Dec- 1st Jan Christmas Holidays
January '2019
Date Day Particulars
2 Wednesday PANAAH Eliminations
3 Thursday PANAAH Eliminations
4 Friday PANAAH-GULF Helmet Walk
5 Saturday 5th Jan -7th Jan PANAAH Main festival
9 Wednesday Mock Audit Training (BMS)
10 Thursday 10th Jan-19th Jan Hinduja Carnival (RCHC)/Mock Audit Training (BMS)
12 Saturday National Youth Day (NSS)
14 Monday 14th Jan -18th Jan Certificate Course- Writing Skills for Media (BMM)
15 Tuesday Sem VI Syllabus Revision workshop (BFM)/Academic Conclave-TREMOR (BMS)
16 Wednesday Academic Conclave-TREMOR (BMS)/Guest lecture-Research Methodology (BBI)
17 Thursday 17th Jan-19th Jan Prarambh (MVM)
18 Friday Ted X Pre event /Best Student Selection Interview
21 Monday 21st Jan -22nd Jan FINCOUNTS (BAF)
23 Wednesday Visit to RBI (BBI)
24 Thursday Annual Day Celebration
25 Friday 25th Jan -29th Jan Interntional Conclave at a foreign university
26 Saturday Republic day Celebration (NSS)
29 Tuesday Film Screening- Pinky Beauty Parlour (BMM)
30 Wednesday Marty's day (NSS)
February '2019
Date Day Particulars
1 Friday Ted X -Main Event /Alumni Meet
8 Friday Workshop -IFRS (BAF)
9 Saturday 8th Feb-9th Feb Faculty Development Program (IQAC)
15 Friday Prize Distribution Ceremony
18 Monday Women's Week Celebration (Women Development Cell)
25 Monday Alumni Interaction Session (BMM)
26 Tuesday 26th Jan-28th Jan Internal Test for FY/SY/TY
March '2019
Date Day Particulars
4 Monday Workshop -Tally with GST (BAF)
8 Friday Film Screening- Mirch Masala (BMM)/International Women day (NSS)
15 Friday World Consumer Right day (NSS)
20 Wednesday 20th Mar - 22nd Mar RCHC Mun
27 Wednesday Chak De-RCHC
April '2019
Date Day Particulars
7 Sunday World Health Day (NSS)
22 Monday World Earth Day (NSS)
External examinations
1) Placement Cell: Campus Placement Interview will be held in Jan, 2019- Feb 2019 for TY Students (All Courses)
2) Counselling Cell : Counselling facility for students throughtout the year on every Wednesday form 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and Saturday from 10.30a.m. to 12.30 p.m
3) Literary & Debating Society's 'Dharam S. Hinduja' Competition: Invitations to be sent out for Inter-Collegiate Essay Writing Competition for Lecturers
4) Magazine Committee: Annual College Magazine to be released in the last week of April 2019
5) The Examination Dates and Assessment are decided and announced from time to time as per the University Norms.
6) The Schedule in the Academic Calendar may be altered by the College Authorities for administrative or other convenience with or without prior notice.

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